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V.A. - "Sleep Well Chapter IV: Glad I Was Young in the 80's" (CD)
Requiem Records

 Ireneusz Socha - Shipbuilding  

Ireneusz Socha – vocals, drums, virtual instruments, arrangement, mixing
Andrzej Bonarek - virtual instruments, arrangement
Tomasz Duda - bass clarinet, mastering
Paweł Gawlik - bass guitar

Glad I Was Young in the 80's is the fourth installment in the CD series entitled Sleep Well. Commissioned by Łukasz Pawlak of Requiem Records, this CD consists of cover versions of some pop music hits popular in Poland back in the Eighties and performed by some notable artists from the Polish alternative music scene. Ireneusz Socha chose to do a reworking of Robert Wyatt's Shipbuilding. On his cover version, Socha teamed up with Andrzej Bonarek - a composer and an arranger - to avoid copying the original and to emphasize some less evident traits of the song while still maintaining Wyatt's trademark colours and textures instead.

Shipbuilding is a song written by Elvis Costello (lyrics) and Clive Langer (music). Written during the Falklands War of 1982, Costello's lyrics discuss the contradiction of the war bringing back prosperity to the traditional shipbuilding areas of Clydeside (Yarrow Shipbuilders), Merseyside (Cammell Laird), North East England (Swan Hunter) and Belfast (Harland and Wolff) to build new ships to replace those being sunk in the war, whilst also sending off the sons of these areas to fight and, potentially, lose their lives in those same ships.The Robert Wyatt version was originally released as a single in August 1982, but did not become a hit until it was re-released in April 1983 when it reached number 35 in the UK charts, marking the first ever UK Top 40 entry for Rough Trade Records. On the recording Wyatt is backed by Clive Langer (organ), Steve Nieve (piano), Mark Bedford (double bass), Martin Hughes (drums) and Elvis Costello (backing vocals). The single was acclaimed by the music press, with the NME writers voting it their third favourite song of 1982.

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